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250 meter property for sale in Istanbul

For rent
$3,850,000 ماهانه Villa

فروش ملک 250 متری در استانبول

more information
2800 متر مربع
2 bedroom
3 Bathroom
2 Parking

Sale of Ankara villa unit

For sale
$850,000,000 Single household

فروش واحد ویلایی انکارا

more information
3800 متر مربع
4 bedroom
3 Bathroom
2 Parking

Sale of a villa unit in Istanbul, Turkey

For sale
$625,000,000 Villa

فروش واحد ویلایی استانبول ترکیه

more information
450 متر مربع
4 bedroom
4 Bathroom
2 Parking

Sale of Istanbul villa unit

For rent
$4,200,000 ماهانه Store

فروش واحد ویلایی استانبول

more information
3400 متر مربع

Turkish real estate

The need for shelter creates the need to buy property. However, the term has changed dramatically since the real estate sector took first place in socio-economic markets. In addition to the function of the residence, the property is also seen as a tool for investment

Investing in Turkey

Many people prefer to invest in projects under construction because it is cheaper than a ready-to-live project. So what do people care about when investing in a project under construction? Let's look at the pros and cons.

Turkish citizenship and visa

Immigrating and settling in a new country has its ups and downs, and the more you are aware of the laws of the destination country, the smoother the path will be for you. The words visa and residence permit have been mentioned many times when it comes to immigration

Export and import in Turkey

Turkey has always been granted sanctions waivers due to its political proximity to the United States. In this article, we want to explain more about the rules of importing from Turkey to you dear ones.

Company registration in Turkey

Thanks to its central location in the middle of three continents, Turkey provides the ideal treatment for any culture and provides such a solid base for starting a company that enables you to easily connect with many countries, including North Africa and the Middle East. And trade a wide range of Asia.

Turkish banks

Different countries try to attract foreign capital in order to register different laws and thus attract people. Under Turkish law, Turkish banks are required to open accounts for citizens of other countries in Turkey

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